Monday, September 22, 2014

Greene County, 9-22-2014

It's been too long since I set aside time to write. Today I had business in Jefferson, at the Greene County Courthouse. I won't write much. the pictures speak to the beauty of the day, and the town. 

It's humbling to walk into a courthouse under the watchful eye of the role model for all country lawyers.


I offered a silent prayer, and gratitude.

Of course, electronic media "news" people have no interest in keeping us inseparable.

The rotunda.

Two of four murals.

Jefferson's square still has the stores I knew in my youth; an Ace Hardware is not pictured. My old Watseka friend Brian would appreciate the blues music pumped from the speakers on the roof of the Ben Franklin.

Someday I need to write about Carnegie Libraries. My friend Nancy got me interested in them. I've photographed a dozen or so, throughout Illinois and Iowa. Years ago we realized knowledge made our Nation stronger. There were neither soundbites nor memes in these buildings.

The North Raccoon, looking east (above) and west (below). It's high for September.

I've driven by this old farmstead a half dozen times. Today, for the first time, I spotted this root cellar. That apple tree was productive.

There's no house but somebody is tending to the place. The grass was clipped and there was a nice garden.

I wonder if it will have another roof someday?

Old red barns. No further comment required.