Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Captain Waskow and Military Misconduct

Recently, I've seen several articles about misconduct in the military.  There is, I am sure, misconduct. There is, however, also misconduct everywhere there are human beings.

Perhaps because of those articles - I woke up thinking about an Ernie Pyle (the famous, soldier oriented, WWII correspondent) article I read thirty years ago.  I googled the article, about  "Captain Waskow."

When I was in the Army I knew many Captain Waskows.

Most of the people I know who served in the military (like my WCHS classmates) exemplify the words Captain Waskow wrote in a letter to his family:

"Try to live a life of service—to help someone where you are or whatever you may be—take it from me; you can get happiness out of that, more than anything in life.

Ernie Pyle's article is here:  http://storyoftheweek.loa.org/2011/05/one-is-captain-waskow.html