Thursday, December 19, 2013


I can get discouraged by the spite in the world.

Yesterday, our Rotary group delivered dictionaries to third grade students at a rural school.  One little boy, the moment I walked in the door, made a beeline for me. He stood directly in front of me, very close, and stared at my tie. He asked me if I was a “professor.”  He was accompanied by a young woman who explained that the boy is fascinated by ties. I assumed, from his demeanor and the fact he seemed to have an adult assigned to him, the boy has special needs.

As we met where the third graders were gathered (seated on the floor) the boy lingered, obviously reluctant to join his peers. There was an awkward moment. Without prompting - one little girl stood, walked to the boy, reached out her hand, took the boy’s hand in hers, and led him to the group.

After the dictionaries were distributed we took a group picture. I looked down. The little girl’s arm was around the boy’s waist.  Her kindness and intuitive acceptance was amazing.   

What a great thing to see before Christmas.  I wish more adults had seen it.